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WSNA's New Position...Build it NOW!

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WSNA's New Position...Build it NOW!

Thanks to a historic turnout of West Salem residents, property owners and workers, the West Salem Neighborhood Association voted overwhelmingly to support our motion to have WSNA "officially support the Salem River Crossing, complete the Environmental Impact Study and act as soon as possible to complete a new bridge." With nearly 90% of the people in attendance voting for the bridge, WSNA's now officially on board to Build it NOW!

It was truly incredible to see our members pouring into Roth's to participate in this vote. Our turnout was MORE THAN DOUBLE the highest turnout for any neighborhood association meeting in Salem history! That doesn't count what we estimate was over 100 people who showed up to vote for the bridge but eventually left in the overwhelming confusion as we waited for the Co-chairs to secure another room! Our members continue to show patience and resolve while maintining respect for others who voice different opinions. We are making incredible progress friends!

Now it's time to switch gears from the intensity (and boredom) of meetings and have some fun working together to build our movement. We are planning Neighborhood Walks and Bridge Brigades over the summer to let our neighbors know about our campaign and get them to join us. Our first Neighborhood Walk will be this Saturday. We will meet at Roth's at 9:30 (grab a donut and coffee...or something healthy if you prefer) and pair up to walk the neighborhoods of our community. Craig and Mike will have our business cards to hand out and coach you on our simple presentation. We'll wrap up about 12 and head to Walery's Pizza for lunch for those who have time. We'll be scheduling a Bridge Brigade some time next week and holding signs on the bridge during the evening gridlock. I'll be posting events for these soon. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to help organize any of these!