Bike Path to Nowhere!

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We passed a 99.8 million dollar bond measure in 2008 to pay for roads and bridges. One of the major projects that was supposed to happen was purchasing the land to build Marine Drive to lead to our new bridge. The 3.6 million dollars dedicated to that is still sitting in the bank even though they were supposed to be purchasing the land in 2010.

Now our own West Salem Neighborhood Association has recommended to the Budget Committee that those funds be diverted to build a two mile bike path rather than construct the road. This is unnacceptable! Salem City Council will be voting this Monday evening on the budget recommendations. If you want to change this outcome and see those dollars spent for the road to our bridge, you need to do two things.

  1. Attend the City Council meeting at City Hall this Monday at 5:30. Sign up to speak and let them know you want the road you paid for not a bike path to nowhere! We'll be there to coach you before the meeting. They MUST see us in force or they are going to steal the funds for their bike path. Wear your green shirts. If you don't have one of our shirts yet wear a green shirt if you have it.
  2. Write an email to the city manager to include in the writen testimony. (This is in addition to showing up!) Here is a sample that you can just copy and paste. Feel free to modify it.

Here is the link to the original bond measure: Bond Information

Dear Salem City Council,

As a Salem resident, I'm am asking you not to divert the funds passed in our 2008 bond measure from their intended purpose of building Marine Drive. The voters' pamphlet and supporting materials were very clear that this was one of the projects that the bond would spent on. Diverting these funds from the intended purpose, to create a bike path to nowhere, violates the promise the city made to the voters. This is a critical piece of the infrastructure we need to make our bridge possible in the near future. 

Please do what you promised the voters in 2008, and purchase the land for Marine Drive. Then use any leftover funds to begin construction of the road. This is the only way of relieving congestion as was the clear intent of the bond when we passed it. 


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Written comments

Written comments can be submitted to the City Recorder by noon on the day of the City Council meeting by personal delivery or e-mail. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.