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Salem Bridge Solutions Has a Website!



Salem Bridge Solutions has a website! This is a huge step for us in getting our bridge built. The site is still being developed with lots of great stuff to come. Currently, we have our petition link, events sign up, T-shirt and gear order, and news articles. In the near future, we will have picture and video areas, and a resources area with lots of helpful information to help us advocate intelligently. Cruze around the site and see what you think!

Our permanent link to our petition is right up top so anyone looking for it doesn’t need to look long. Please start sending your friends to here to get them signed up.

In addition to being able to sign the petition you can register for upcoming events. Registering for an event will allow us to send you a reminder email the day before and for you to add the event to your Google calendar. Before you can register, we will have you join as a member so we only have actual supporters using the site.

Requesting T-shirts and gear is simple with our new site. Just click on the items you want and we’ll get them for you. As you know, we are a grassroots organization and these items cost. We are not trying to make a profit, just be able to keep providing them to new members. When you request items, you’ll see the cost and we ask you to go to the PayPal link and donate that much (or more to cover those who can’t). We’ll send you an email letting you know when it’s ready for pick-up. Items can be picked up at Craig Evans’ Crown Real Estate office at 110 Wallace Rd NW at the base of the bridge as you are turning onto Wallace Rd. You’ll see the signs!

Soon you’ll see our picture and video section with lots of great pictures of us in our great green gear! We would love to have lots of you make a short (2-5 minute) video about your bad bridge situations so we can use these with our politicians. Think of the times you have been impacted and make a video.

Finally, we will have lots of great information, tools and resources on the site to help us advocate. There will be talking points that we want to use every time we go to a meeting to advocate. We’ll have links to useful information for those who want to get into the details. We want to remember, however, that our group isn’t about arguing the siting issues or funding, we are just about one thing...BUILD IT NOW!

Welcome to our site!!