ODOT Bridge Decision...Action Needed!


 We have GREAT news about our progress on the bridge BUT we need your help to make sure it stays great news!

First, the great news. ODOT has almost competed one of the last hurdles before we can get the permit to build the bridge. That hurdle is the Environmental Impact Study reporting their findings about the impact on the Wallace Marine Park. The findings ODOT has issued are that building Marine Drive to connect to the bridge will have a very minimal impact. This is true, and a great result for us in getting the bridge approved. 

Now for the BUT. Part of the process for this report is a public comment period so the community can give their input. The people opposed to the bridge have asked for, and been granted, an extension of the comment period to July 28th, so they can gather as many comments in opposition to the findings as they can.

We can't let them win this comment battle. Those of us who want the bridge need to send our own comments to ODOT supporting the findings and explaining that the minimal impact on the park is far outweighed by the positive impact a bridge will have for our community. WE NEED HUNDREDS OF POSITIVE EMAILS to counter their negative ones.

Here is how you can help build the bridge! Send your email to ODOT which will make the decision, the Salem City Council who will also be taking a position on the findings, and SBS so we know how many have been sent. Here are the addresses:

ODOT: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
Salem City Council:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Salem Bridge Solutions: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Use the following subject line: 

Subject: Wallace Marine Park 4(f) Comment 

Here are points to include in your email:

  • Your address
  • Your support for parks AND transportation system
  • The need for Marine Drive and the bridge
  • You agree the impact on the park will be small

Here is an example...but please take a couple of minutes to modify it so the people receiving it know it is from you personally and not just a form letter. This is important!

Dear Ms. Henson and Salem City Council,

I live at (insert your address) and am a supporter of our parks and our transportation systems. 
I agree with the findings that the impact on Wallace Marine Park, Wallace Natural Area and the walking trail will be minimal and encourage you to move forward with this project. The completion of Marine Drive and  the Salem River Crossing bridge will have a tremendous positive impact on our community and are certainly worth the minimal impact to the park.

(Your name)

Thanks for helping us Build it NOW!


WSNA's New Position...Build it NOW!

WSNA Meeting 6 19 17 1

WSNA's New Position...Build it NOW!

Thanks to a historic turnout of West Salem residents, property owners and workers, the West Salem Neighborhood Association voted overwhelmingly to support our motion to have WSNA "officially support the Salem River Crossing, complete the Environmental Impact Study and act as soon as possible to complete a new bridge." With nearly 90% of the people in attendance voting for the bridge, WSNA's now officially on board to Build it NOW!

It was truly incredible to see our members pouring into Roth's to participate in this vote. Our turnout was MORE THAN DOUBLE the highest turnout for any neighborhood association meeting in Salem history! That doesn't count what we estimate was over 100 people who showed up to vote for the bridge but eventually left in the overwhelming confusion as we waited for the Co-chairs to secure another room! Our members continue to show patience and resolve while maintining respect for others who voice different opinions. We are making incredible progress friends!

Now it's time to switch gears from the intensity (and boredom) of meetings and have some fun working together to build our movement. We are planning Neighborhood Walks and Bridge Brigades over the summer to let our neighbors know about our campaign and get them to join us. Our first Neighborhood Walk will be this Saturday. We will meet at Roth's at 9:30 (grab a donut and coffee...or something healthy if you prefer) and pair up to walk the neighborhoods of our community. Craig and Mike will have our business cards to hand out and coach you on our simple presentation. We'll wrap up about 12 and head to Walery's Pizza for lunch for those who have time. We'll be scheduling a Bridge Brigade some time next week and holding signs on the bridge during the evening gridlock. I'll be posting events for these soon. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you would like to help organize any of these!

Turning Out Turning Tide

CityCouncil6 12 17

Turning Out...Turning Tide

As our beautiful green tide rolled into the City Council meeting last night you could feel the energy that comes with this kind of turn out. Our group, as always, conducted ourselves courteously and professionally as we listened and waited for our chance to speak. Mitch Teal led us off as SBS member after member articulately described what we wanted and why. The issue of the night was whether to build Marine Drive or allow an alternative proposal that would make it a much less useful project. After a long night of testimony followed by debate among the councilors, they decided to table the Marine Drive issue for now and assign it to a work group. While this is not a total victory for us, it's way better than the alternative proposal. Now we have the opportunity to really shape the outcome to what we need to support the bridge!

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Bike Path to Nowhere!

cycle path

We passed a 99.8 million dollar bond measure in 2008 to pay for roads and bridges. One of the major projects that was supposed to happen was purchasing the land to build Marine Drive to lead to our new bridge. The 3.6 million dollars dedicated to that is still sitting in the bank even though they were supposed to be purchasing the land in 2010.

Now our own West Salem Neighborhood Association has recommended to the Budget Committee that those funds be diverted to build a two mile bike path rather than construct the road. This is unnacceptable! Salem City Council will be voting this Monday evening on the budget recommendations. If you want to change this outcome and see those dollars spent for the road to our bridge, you need to do two things.

  1. Attend the City Council meeting at City Hall this Monday at 5:30. Sign up to speak and let them know you want the road you paid for not a bike path to nowhere! We'll be there to coach you before the meeting. They MUST see us in force or they are going to steal the funds for their bike path. Wear your green shirts. If you don't have one of our shirts yet wear a green shirt if you have it.
  2. Write an email to the city manager to include in the writen testimony. (This is in addition to showing up!) Here is a sample that you can just copy and paste. Feel free to modify it.

Here is the link to the original bond measure: Bond Information

Dear Salem City Council,

As a Salem resident, I'm am asking you not to divert the funds passed in our 2008 bond measure from their intended purpose of building Marine Drive. The voters' pamphlet and supporting materials were very clear that this was one of the projects that the bond would spent on. Diverting these funds from the intended purpose, to create a bike path to nowhere, violates the promise the city made to the voters. This is a critical piece of the infrastructure we need to make our bridge possible in the near future. 

Please do what you promised the voters in 2008, and purchase the land for Marine Drive. Then use any leftover funds to begin construction of the road. This is the only way of relieving congestion as was the clear intent of the bond when we passed it. 


Your Name and address


Written comments

Written comments can be submitted to the City Recorder by noon on the day of the City Council meeting by personal delivery or e-mail. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Salem Bridge Solutions Has a Website!



Salem Bridge Solutions has a website! This is a huge step for us in getting our bridge built. The site is still being developed with lots of great stuff to come. Currently, we have our petition link, events sign up, T-shirt and gear order, and news articles. In the near future, we will have picture and video areas, and a resources area with lots of helpful information to help us advocate intelligently. Cruze around the site and see what you think!

Our permanent link to our petition is right up top so anyone looking for it doesn’t need to look long. Please start sending your friends to here to get them signed up.

In addition to being able to sign the petition you can register for upcoming events. Registering for an event will allow us to send you a reminder email the day before and for you to add the event to your Google calendar. Before you can register, we will have you join as a member so we only have actual supporters using the site.

Requesting T-shirts and gear is simple with our new site. Just click on the items you want and we’ll get them for you. As you know, we are a grassroots organization and these items cost. We are not trying to make a profit, just be able to keep providing them to new members. When you request items, you’ll see the cost and we ask you to go to the PayPal link and donate that much (or more to cover those who can’t). We’ll send you an email letting you know when it’s ready for pick-up. Items can be picked up at Craig Evans’ Crown Real Estate office at 110 Wallace Rd NW at the base of the bridge as you are turning onto Wallace Rd. You’ll see the signs!

Soon you’ll see our picture and video section with lots of great pictures of us in our great green gear! We would love to have lots of you make a short (2-5 minute) video about your bad bridge situations so we can use these with our politicians. Think of the times you have been impacted and make a video.

Finally, we will have lots of great information, tools and resources on the site to help us advocate. There will be talking points that we want to use every time we go to a meeting to advocate. We’ll have links to useful information for those who want to get into the details. We want to remember, however, that our group isn’t about arguing the siting issues or funding, we are just about one thing...BUILD IT NOW!

Welcome to our site!!


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